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To give you a sneak preview of Mike's upcoming album "Armageddon", you can download here some of the songs for free. They are all in MP3 format. Please note that they are just demo tracks - the final cut may differ considerably.


Internet Explorer users: Right-mouse click on the song, then click "Save Target As"
Mozilla/Netscape users: Right-mouse click on the song, then click "Save Link Target As"
Regardless of the browser, select then a location on your local hard disk to save the song.


Song 1: Happy Days


Song 2: Tropical Essence


Song 3: The Disciple


Song 4: Armageddon


Song 5: Without you



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Tip for "pirates'"


Yes, it is possible to make your own MP3 files from an audio CD by so-called "ripping". We have used FreeRip, a free software that can be downloaded here.


Are you a music producer and do you find Mike's demo sounds promissing?


Mike would love to have financial and/or marketing support for his planned albums. Contact zender @ for a brief. Thank you - vinaka vakalevu!


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