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Mike Reymond is a house-hold name and probably could call him the 'guru' of guitar here in Fiji. His 30 years of experience as a self-taugth part-time musician, guitarist has made an impact also.


Mike has played jammed and recorded with some of the - actually most of the famous - artists here in Fiji. Names like Danny Costello, Ken Janson, Laisa Vulakoro, Tim Uluirewa, Tom Mawi, Sam Mawi, the legendary late Wise Vatuwaqa, Billy Beddoes, Michelle Rounds, Reference Point (Fiji's first jazz-fusion band with great session musos like George Niumataiwalu, Mike Preston, Mike K., Sam Mawi and late, legendary drummer, Paul Stevens). This last band really shook Fiji's music scene.


Mike says "If it wasn't for Carlos Santana and Ritchie Blackmore I wouldn't be playing guitar today".


He also pays tribute to Al DiMeola, (late) Albert King, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Steve Morse, (late) Shawn Lane, Chuck Loeb and Joe Satriani for being his major influences in his growth and approach.


Mike is currently working on his first album which, at his age of 46, is long overdue. Fans Fiji-wide and in the Pacific region are anticipating this release.


He admits that he has still has so much to learn and would love to meet his favourite players and - most importantly - Mike Varney of USA.


The new album will be dedicated to Mike's lovely wife Maggie and his children Lloyd and Cherie who have supported (and put up with) him over the years. 

Mikes latest album


Armageddon is expected to be released end of 2004.


It will be made available both as a CD and MP3s.



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