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Small Business in the South Pacific - Problems, Constraints & Solutions - a book by Dr. Patrick A. Muma

smallbusinessinthesouthpaci.jpg (72463 bytes)People with the potential for success in business need to complement their instinct and vision with a sufficient depth of knowledge, and a clear understanding of the contextual business environment. Incisive analysis of reality helps successful business-persons excel, and reshape challenges into unique opportunities for a breakthrough. This book has been authored specifically for this purpose.

This book is designed to help especially budding small entrepreneurs overcome some of the problems they are likely to encounter in their search for solutions to the difficulties that they face particularly in the context of the South Pacific countries in running their business.

The book will be of interest to a wide range of audience. It will be useful to development economists, practical men or business specialists: as well as of interest to a broad spectrum of bodies, agencies and organizations - local and international - involved in one way or another, with Small Business encouragement, promotion and development.

At the modest price of F$30 (paper bound) and F$40 (hard cover), this topical, high content, compact, sizable book is a very good bargain; and might well become the vade mecum for extolling the virtues of free marketry and private enterprise in developing countries.

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