SMALL BUSINESS IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC - Problems, Constraints and Solutions

Table of Contents

Section One: The Economics of Small Business

Chapter 1

The Role and Significance of Small Business

page 1

Chapter 2

The Concept of Small Business

page 27

Chapter 3

The Economics of Small Business I: The Theory

page 43

Chapter 4

The Economics of Small Business II: The Application

page 61



Section Two: The lssues - On the South Pacific Scale

Chapter 5

The Issues - In context

page 75

Chapter 6

The Informal Sector

page 99

Chapter 7

Women in Small Business

page 117



Section Three: Problems, Constraints and Solution

Chapter 8

Problems and Constraints

page 137

Chapter 9

Confronting the Problems and Constraints: Suggested Remedies and Possible Solutions

page 153

Chapter 10

Policies and Prograrnmes

page 175

Chapter 11

Meeting the challenge: An Integrated Approach

page 203

Chapter 12


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Dr. Patrick A. Muma 2006